Adwy & Bethlehem Congregational Church Records, Coedpoeth

Before 1884 Church attendants were members of Offa Wesleyan Church, Adwy which was private property.

A disagreement took place regarding the appointment of a Sunday School superintendent.

Attempts to solve the problem proved unsuccessful and in Sept 1883 the owner “ Took matters into his own hands “ and locked the door of the Sunday school; no one could enter.

Mr Lester of Adwy invited some members to meet at his home and Mrs C Griffiths of Lloftwen invited others to her house. The Sunday school survived by various members taking scholars to their own homes. Mr Lester offered to build a room over his coach house at Bron Offa to use as a meeting place for the time being – this opened in March 1884.

Professor T Lewis of Bangor College opened a Congregational Church on June 27 1884 in this place and the church soon prospered with many more members added to the Church Rolls.

In August 1889 the Church was able to secure the services of Rev E Garmon Roberts as a joint pastor until he left the area after two years.

In April 1891 Rev J Banner Griffiths was ordained minister and it was under his pastorate that efforts were made to build a new church and  an appeal raised £300.

In January 1893 Rev Griffiths left and three months later Rev Edgar Moses became pastor. The church was still at Bron Offa until 1896 when again it was ` locked out `.

To enable to keep the church together, a room over Mr Gibbons shop was rented for 2/6 a week. Services were held there for six months until the church then moved to Coedpoeth Infants School.

Eventually a suitable plot of land was found and purchased from Mr & Mrs Smith, Smithy Rd for £20.0.0

A new church was built for £345.0.0 by Harrison & Griffiths and was opened on December 14 1897.

A vestry was added later at a cost of £119.0.0

In the same year the name of the Church was changed from the Congregational Church, Adwy to Bethlehem Congregational Church, Penygelli. A wall and fencing were built for sum of £45.0.0 and on Monday Sept 20th 1897 memorial stones were   laid on the front walls. Mr Joseph Wilcoxon presided over the ceremony. Mr Samuel Moss laid the first stone with a silver trowel, which was suitably inscribed for the occasion.

Stones were laid by:

Mr Samuel Moss,            Chester

Mrs M Vaughan Griffith, Coedpoeth

Miss Bronwen E Roberts, Gobowen

Rev. Robert Roberts,      Rhos


Trustees of the Church in 1897 were;

Frank Allmand                         Miller of Wrexham

Mr Thomas Bryan                    Miner of Coedpoeth

Rev Edmund M Edmunds         Minister of Ruabon

R A Hawkins                           Gentleman of Wrexham

Samuel Jones                           Miner of Talwrn

Samuel Powell                          Miner of Adwy

Isaac Roberts                           Grocer of Coedpoeth

P Roberts                                 Minister of Rhos

Samuel Roberts                        Miner of Adwy

T E Thomas                             Minister of Adwy

H Thomas                                Clothier of Wrexham

Samuel Vernon                        Miner of Adwy

Joseph Wilcoxon                      Postmaster of Coedpoeth

W Jonah Williams                    Grocer of Wrexham




In 1907 the Church joined with others at Brymbo and Moss and in 1910 the Rev Gwilym Thomas commenced ministry of the three Churches.

During 1907 arrangements were made to obtain seating from Hill St Church, Wrexham that was closing.

Gifts of furniture were made by members;

Mr J Powell.          A new pulpit

Mr E Thomas       A communion table

Mr R W Powell     A chair for the ministers use at communion

Mrs M A Jones     Cushions for the pulpit seat

Mr S Powell Jnr.   A table and desk for the vestry

Before 1910 coal stoves and five parrafin lamps heated the church, it was then decided to install gas heating and lighting. The lamps were sold for 7/6 and members of the church were given priority if they wished to buy them

In 1914 individual communion cups were provided by contributions from members.

In 1916 the church lost one of its members, Mr Arthur Abram due to a fatal accident, he had been precentor for a number of years.

The church was re-decorated in 1919 and in 1923 Bethlehem was registered for marriages.

Rev. J L Woodhouse officiated at the first marriage ceremony between Mr E D Peters and Miss Rosina Roberts on June 6th 1927 when the couple were presented with a bible.

Between 1926 and 1938 there were many changes as ministers left the area and new ones took their places.

During the later war years some members joined the forces and were presented with a Bible.

In case of emergencies a stirrup pump was purchased and a warden kept a spare key. An unexploded bomb was found and diffused in the field opposite the church by Mr Harold Abram

After the war more change took place with the appointments of new deacons and alterations to the building itself, with new heating being installed and re-decoration taking place.

Between 1978 and 1983 the church lost valuable members with the deaths of two deacons and the treasurer.

In 1984 the church celebrated the centenary of its beginnings in 1884 by the founder members who were ;

William Lester                         Samuel Roberts

Charles. James Gibbons            Sarah Vernon

Samuel Powell                         Albert William Ashford

Alice Roden                             James Vernon

Anne Jones                              Letitia Jones

Edward Roden                         Mary Anne Jones

Ada L Jones                             Samuel Pickering

M A Lester                               Annie Jones

Wm Percy Jones                      Anne Powell

Maggie Roberts                       William Davies

Ann J Pickering                        Harriet Gittins



NAME                                    FATHER                   MOTHER      OCCUPATION        DATE OF BIRTH            ABODE                      BAPT DATE


Edward Samuel           William Hughes          Elizabeth         Miner                           Sept 25 1883               Penygelli                     Aug 10 1884


John Edward               Pryce Williams            Mary               Collier                         Aug 29 1882               Adwyr Clawdd           Aug 10 1884


Ellis                             Pryce Williams           Mary                Collier                         Mar 14 1884               Adwyr Clawdd           Aug 10 1884


John Henry                  Edward Gittins           Harriet             Collier                         Sept 27 1884               Penygelli                     Nov 16 1884


Ann                             Th Prydderch              Elizabeth         Carrier                         Feb 25 1885                Adwyr Clawdd           Apr 12 1885


Samuel                                    Saml. Powell               Ann                 Collier                         Apr 14 1885                Adwyr Clawdd           May 31 1885


William                        Geo Anderson             Jane                 Plumber                       Sep 17 1884                Vron                                    July 12 1885


William Henry            Wm Hughes                Elizabeth         Miner                           Apr 17 1885                Panygelli                     July 12 1885


Charlotte Beatrice       Chas A Gibbons          Mary Ellen      Accountant                 Sep 20 1885                Plas Maelor             Nov 29 1885


Martha Jane                 Pryce Williams            Mary                Collier                         Feb 14 1886                Adwyr Clawdd           Apr 18 1886


Sarah Elizabeth           James Vernon             Sarah               Collier                         Feb 14 1886                Talwrn                         Apr 18 1886


John William               John Meades              Sarah Eliz.       Carpenter                    Aug 4 1887                 Adwyr Clawdd           Jul 11 1886


Penelope Kate Gwendoline  Chas J Gibbons Mary Ellen      Accountant                 Sep 1 1887                  Plas Maelor             Oct 23 1887


George Albert             George Anderson        Jane                 Plumber                       Sep 3 1887                  Vron Colliery                       Jan 15 1888


Samuel                                    Saml Powell                Ann                 Collier                         Nov 6 1887                 Adwyr Clawdd           Jan 15 1888    


Arthur Ernest              Saml. Roden               Elizabeth         Quarryman                  Feb 6 1888                  Nant Bersham                      Apr 22 1888


James                           Geo. Anderson            Jane                 Plumber                       May 12 1889               Vron Colliery                       Aug 4 1889


Sarah Ann                   Jos. Williams               Mary Eliz.       Collier                         Feb 26 1890                Adwyr Clawdd           Jun 18 1890


Margretta                    Wm. Hughes               Elizabeth         Miner                           Apr 7  1890                 Penygelli                     Jul 6 1890


Ernest Edward            ( Unmarried)               Sarah Strange  Dressmaker                 Apr 25 1890                Awyr Clawdd             Jun 1 1891


May                             Chas Walker                Jane Walker     Leadwasher                 Apr 25 1891                Nant                                    June 30 1891


Sarah Ann                   Joseph Williams          J Williams        Collier                         Feb 26 1890                Adwyr Clawdd           Jun 15 1890


Eliza Ann                    John Pritchard             Mary Ann       Collier                         Mar 22 1891               Coedpoeth                  Oct 29 1891


Robert                         Robert Johnson           L Johnson        Quarryman                  Dec 26 1892                Adwy                          Jan 15 1893


Ann Ginor                   Thomas Bryan            Theresa Bryan.            Collier             Mar 1896                    Penygelli                     Apr 1896


Arnold                         Willm. Davies             Alice                Miner                           Jul 5 1896                   Adwy                          Aug 1896


Sidney                         Chas. Walker               Jane                 Miner                           Jul 21 1893                 Nant                                    Oct 1896


Albert                          Saml. Vance                Marg. Anne     Collier                         Jul 4 1893                   Adwy                          Sep 1896


Iorweth                       Edw Griffiths              Harriet             Collier                         Feb 25 1890                Penygelli                     Mar 1898


Ernest                          Edward Roberts          Margaret Ann.             Collier             Apr 6 1898                  Penygelli                     May  1898


Bertie                          Thomas Roberts          Hannah Jane    Collier                         Dec 29 1899                Penygelli                     Jan 21 1900


Emlyn                          John Williams              Margaret Jane             Collier             June 5 1900                 Coedpoeth                  July 8 1900


Ada Leticia                 Samuel Roberts           Margaret Ann              Collier             Aug 30 1900               Adwy                          Oct 10 1900


Beatrice Maud            Matthew Rance           Jane Ann                     Fitter               Mar 3 1901                 Coedpoeth                  May 5 1901


Samuel                                    Moss Morris ?             Elizabeth Ann             Engine driver  Mar 8 1901                 Talwrn                         June 9 1901


Robert                         John Hughes               Mary Ann                   Collier             Aug 10 1901               Coedpoeth                  Sept 12 1901


Samuel Charles           John Powell                Eleanor                                    Collier             Sep 18 1901            Talwrn                         Oct 10 1901


Agnes Maud               Arthur Abraham          Eliz Catherine             Collier             Nov 2 1901                 Penygelli                     Dec 15 1901


Rosina                         Samuel Roberts           Margaret Ann             Collier             June 9 1902                 Adwy                          July 12 1902


Rose                            John Griffith               Sarah Elizabeth                                   Aug 25 1902               Adwy                          Nov 13 1902


Ethel                            Arthur Abraham          Catherine Elizabeth     Collier             Apr 1903                     Penygelli                     June 7 1903


Edith Mary                  Matthew Rance           Jane Ann                     Fitter               May 3 1903     7 Rock Place Coedpoeth         Jun 17 1903


Ethel                            Samuel Roberts           Margaret Ann             Collier             July 13 1903               6 New Rd Adwy Sep 5 1903


James Arnold              Thomas Rance            Mary Louisa                Mason             Jun 29 1903                 Adwy                          July 1903


Edith Maud               Thomas Watkins            Jane Elizabeth            P Constable     Aug 28 1903               Chirk                           Sept 24 1903


Walter                         Matthew Rance           Jane Ann                     Fitter              Aug 25 1904   7 Rock Place Coedpoeth         Oct 14 1904


Arthur Ewart               Samuel Roberts           Margaret Ann             Collier             Sep 4 1905                  6 New Rd                       Oct 22 1905


Eleanor Maude           Thomas Daniel Rance             Mary Louisa                            Sept 3 1908     Adwy                                      Dec 15 1908


Percy                           Thos C Hughes           Rebecca Hughes         Joiner               May 25 1909   15 Talwrn Rd                               Jun 27 1909


John Thomas               Daniel Rogers             Esther Wentworth Rogers   Collier    Sep 11 1907     Pattisons Row Talwrn    Dec 13 1909



Thomas Edward         John Rogers                Beatrice Rogers           Collier             June 30 1908   Pattinson Row Talwrn                Dec 13 1909


Prudence May             Thomas Watkin          Jane Elizabeth             P. C.                Nov 11 1909   Assembly Road               Jan 22 1910


Annie                          R Rowland Jones        Margaret Anne            Collier             Jan 13 1910     Assembly Road                Mar 10 1910


Thomas Whitriga        Richard Mollington     Edith Mary                  Collier             June 25 1910   43 Talwrn Rd                               July 26 1910


Prudence May             Thomas Watkins         Jane Elizabeth             P Constable     Nov 11 1910   P Station Assembly Rd  Nov 22 1910


George William           R         Rowland Jones  Maggie Jones                        Collier             Oct 22 1911    3 Assembly Rd  Dec 12 1911


Dilys                            Edward Powell           Elizabeth Jane             Fireman           Feb. 23 1912   3 Heol Offa                                    Apr 14 1912


Eva                              Thos C Harries            Rebecca                       Joiner               July 16 1912   Castle Rd                                    Sept 8 1912


Hilda                           David R Hughes         Sarah Aeiu ?   Collier             Apr 15 1912    4 School Lane Penygelli                     Sept 8 1912


Goronwy James           Edward Powell           Elizabeth Jane     Colliery Fireman     Dec 25 1914    Gwynfa Llewelyn Rd               Apr 7 1914


George Harold            Arthur Abram             Eliz Catherine             Collier             May 31 1914   Smithy Rd P ..                                  July 21 1914


Elsie                            James Owen Jones      Sarah               Collier             Aug 24 1914   Waen Rd T..                               Oct 20 1914


William Arthur           Robert Harding                       Kate                Colliery Ostler Nov 17 1914  Rhosberse Rd Adwy          Feb 2 1915


Joy Lily                       John Rogers                Beatrrice                      Collier             Dec 6 1914      Celyn Place Adwy              Feb 14 1915


Elizabeth Catherine    Arthur Abram ( Deceased) Eliz Catherine     Collier             Apr 30 1916    63 Heol Maelor Coedpoeth      June 19 1916


Randolph                    Edward Powell           Elizabeth Jane Colliery Fireman    June 14 1917      Gwynfa Coedpoeth                  Sep 1 1917


Robert Edward           Robert T Harding        Kate                Colliery Ostler            Sep 3 1919      16 Rhosberse Road Adwy


Leslie                           Rob ? R Jones             Margaret Ann             Collier             Nov 2 1919     62 Heol Maelor Coedpoeth      Feb 8 19120


Myfanwy Mary           John Leonard Williams           Myfanwy Gwenhwytan ?                   Jan 27 1920            Barton Green Rossett Feb 14 1920



Ivor                             Samuel Powell             Sarah Ann                  Wheelwright   Jul 5 1920       3 Heol Offa Adwy               Aug 31 1920


Glyn                             Samuel Powell            Sarah Ann                  Wheelwright    Jan 22 1922     3 Heol Offa Adwy               Apr 9 1922


Vera M E                    Samuel Griffiths          Hannah Elizabeth        Collier            Apr 5 1922       6 Castle Road Coedpoeth          May 17 1922


Kate                              Robt J Harding           Kate     Colliery Ostler            Jun 2 1922        Rhosberse Road Adwy             Aug 2 1922


John Leonard   John Leonard Williams         Myfanwy G    Farm Labourer            Sep 23 1922   Burton Green Rossett              Oct 8 1922


Gwilym           Edward Powell                         Elizabeth Jane            Colliery Overman  Sep 5 1922            Gwynfa Coedpoeth     Nov 7 1922


Mary Lavinia               Eric Edwards              Mary Ellen                  Collier            Nov 12 1922    4 Tabor Hill Coedpoeth        Dec 10 1922


Arthur Dennis                          Joseph A Marsden     Ethel                             Collier            Mar 22 1923   1 Cemetery Road Coedpoeth      Apr 18 1923


Richard                        Edward Hughes          Lizzie Jane                  Clerk              Mar 9 1923     5 School Lane Coedpoeth          Apr 11 1923


Anne                           Samuel Powell             Sarah Ann                  Wheelwright   Dec 15 1923     3 Heol Offa Adwy              Feb 1924


Elsie                            Samuel Powell           Sarah Ann                   Wheelwright   Dec 15 1923    3 Heol Offa Adwy              Feb 1924


Doreen                                     R B                  Rosina                        Collier              Mar 25 1930 New Road Adwy  May 14 1930


Robert Cunliffe             Eric Edwards            Mary Ellen                  Collier             Dec 1929          4 Tabor Hill Coedpoeth       May 14 1930


Eva Violet                   J A Marsden                Ethel                            Collier             Aug 27 1928                                                      Sep 26 1928


Beryl                           Evan Thos William       Beatrice                     Plasterer          Oct 5 1930      Park Road Coedpoeth       Dec 10 1930







JONES Ann 24 Mar 1885 71 Widow Paralysis Daresbury
GRIFFITHS Robert 17 Jan 1888 17 Labourer Consumption Salem Coedpoeth.
LITTLIER Sarah 17 Sep 1888 33 Married Tumour on the brain Minera
JONES Ada Letitia 17 Sep 1891 21 Teacher Wrexham New Cemetery
LESTER Mary Ann 16 Jan 1892 74 Married Minera
DAVIES Alson 19 Dec 1894 33 Married New Cemetery Coedpoeth
RODEN Edward 26 Nov 1895 35 Married New Cemetery Coedpoeth
VERNON Annie 19 Nov 1908 30 Dressmaker Adwy
POWELL Eleanor 27 Sep 1905 30 Married New Cemetery Coedpoeth
JONES Samuel Jul 1916 71 Infirmity New Cemetery Coedpoeth
ABRAM Arthur 12 Feb 1916 58 Collier Fatal Accident  Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL John  Coedpoeth Cemetery
HUGHES Eddie 1937  Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL William 1937  Coedpoeth Cemetery
RANCE Thomas Dec 1937  Coedpoeth Cemetery
VERNON Margaret Mar 1938 Housewife  Coedpoeth Cemetery
GRIFFITHS Samuel 1938 Collier  Coedpoeth Cemetery
VERNON James 1939 Collier  Coedpoeth Cemetery


EVANS James Jun 1940 76 Collier  Coedpoeth Cemetery
TURNER Barbara Feb 1941 Housewife  Coedpoeth Cemetery
MARSDEN Laurance Oct 1941 School  Coedpoeth Cemetery
HUGHES T C Mrs Oct 1941 Housewife  Coedpoeth Cemetery
THOMAS L Miss Oct 1941 Housekeeper  Coedpoeth Cemetery
OWEN John Jan 1942 Wrexham Cemetery
POWELL Harriet Anne Nov 1942 Coedpoeth Cemetery
DAVIES Joyce 1 Aug 1948 21 Confectioner Minera Churchyard
BLACKSHAW C Mrs Nov 1949 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
ROBERTS Lydia Mrs Nov 1949 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
EVANS Janet Mrs Sep 1950 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
ROBERTS Margaret Ann 15 Feb 1952 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL Emily Miss Oct 1954 Housemaid Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL Sarah Mrs Sep 1957 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
ROBERTS Samuel 1958 Miner Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL Samuel 8 Feb 1961 Wheewlright Coedpoeth Cemetery
RODEN George 7 Nov 1960 Shoe Repairer Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL R W 8 Sep 1962 Colliery Official Coedpoeth Cemetery
RODEN Ada 29 Aug 1963 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
KING R.T. Mr Nov 1967 Wrexham Crematorium
EVANS Tecwyn 6 Nov 1968 Steelworker Wrexham Crematorium
SAMBROOK William James 12 Nov 1968 Railway ganger Coedpoeth Cemetery
EVANS Mary E 1969 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
EVANS Joan 3 Aug 1969 Housewife Wrexham Crematorium
HUGHES Lizzie Jane 6 Aug 1971 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
WILLIAMS Beatrice Alice 17 Jun 1973 78 Baker Pentrebychan Crematorium
KING Florence 20 Jun 1973 76 Housewife Pentrebychan Crematorium
ELLIS Thomas Edward 2 May 1974 66 Miner (retired) Pentrebychan Crematorium
WILLIAMS Jane 10 May 1975 Baker Pentrebychan Crematorium
ROBERTS Gladys Ann 11 May 1976 76 Housewife Wrexham Crematorium
JONES Roy Davies 26 Apr 1978 26 Driver Wrexham Crematorium
ROBERTS Arthur Ewent 5 Jul 1979 73 Driver Coedpoeth Cemetery
HUGHES Eva 30 May 1980 65 Home Help Coedpoeth Cemetery
HAYWARD Leonard Walter 26 Mar 1982 77 Retired Wrexham Crematorium
HUGHES Peris Owen 27 Jun 1982 64 Steel Inspector Wrexham Crematorium
PETERS Robert Davies 19 Feb 1983 79 Collier Deputy Wrexham Crematorium
WILLIAMS Beatrice May 2 Jun 1983 78 Housewife Wrexham Crematorium
GRIFFITHS Eunice 18 Jun 1985 83 Housewife Coedpoeth Cemetery
POWELL Ivor 21 Dec 1988 68 Coach Builder Wrexham Crematorium
LEWIS Lavinia 3 Dec 1989 92 Widow Coedpoeth Cemetery
PETERS Rosina 4 Feb 1990 87 Housewife Wrexham Crematorium
ROBERTS Ernest 19 Jan 1991 92 Joiner Wrexham Crematorium
POWELL Glyn 8 May 1991 69 British Rail Wrexham Crematorium








Date              Names             Age                  Cond              Occ                              Residence                                           Fathers Name


1927 June 6    Robert D Peters                       Ba                                                        Smelt Coedpoeth                                            Mr Abram Peters

Rosina Roberts                        Sp                                                        5 New Rd Adwy                                             Mr Saml  Roberts.


note ( Bible received as first marriage in Bethlehem Church )


1931                William Lewis                         Ba                                                        VW Company Substation Crewe               Deceased

Maud Rance                            Sp                                                        6 New Rd Adwy                                             Mr Thos. Rance


1931 Oct 7      Albert Burt Owens                  Ba                                                        Dollgelly

Ethel Roberts                          Sp                                                        5 New Rd Adwy                                             Mr Saml Roberts


1933 June 3     George Ivor Davies                 Ba                                                        Tanyfron                                                         Ezra Davies

Sarah Ellen Morris                  Sp                                                        Coedpoeth                                                      William Morris (dec)



1933 Oct 14    Edwin Williams                       Ba                                                        Coedpoeth                                                      Evan Williams

Ann Miriam Roberts               Sp                                                        Coedpoeth                                                      Mr Edward Roberts



June 16 (1934?) Enos Davies                         Ba                                                        New Broughton                                              Edward Davies

Jane Thomas                           Sp                                                        Coedpoeth                                                      John Thomas (dec)



1934 Nov 14   Harold Evans                          Ba                                                        Lesters Villas Adwy                                       Mr James Evans

Ada Letitia Roberts                Sp                                                        5 New Rd Coedpoeth                                     Mr Saml Roberts



1935 July 6     Samuel Roberts                       Ba                                                        Llewellyn Rd Coedpoeth                        William Edward Roberts (dec)

Enid Povah                              Sp                                                        Southsea




1935 July 6     Lennerd Rogers                       Ba

Murial Jones                           Sp                                                        Coedpoeth



1935 Dec 21    Thomas Ellis                           Ba

Catherine Abraham                 Sp                                                        Coedpoeth                                          Mr Arthur Abraham (dec)




1938 June 24   Robert Edward Williams        Ba                                                        62 Nant Rd Coedpoeth                        Mr David Lloyd Williams

Gwennie Jones                        Sp                                                                                                                    Mr Simon Jones



1940 Nov 23   Thomas James White              Ba                                                        Bristol

Olwen Roberts                        Sp                                                        13 Smithy Rd Coedpoeth



1942 Nov 21   Ernest Price                             Ba                                                        Lodge

Elizabeth Ann Jones               Sp                                                        Middle Road Nant



1943 Nov 10   Oswald Wilcoxon                   Ba                                                        Fernleigh Llewelyn Road

Winifred Hughes                    Sp                                                        Moss Bank Llewelyn Road.



1945 July 7     John James Jones                    Ba                                                        6 Middle Rd Nant Coedpoeth

Edith Muriel Rogers               Widow                                                Haulfryn Middle Road Nant



1947 Sept 20   Wm Vincent Worthington 20             Ba         Factory Worker                      The Bungalow Wern Minera

Elsie Jones                        32  Sp                                                        Brynclwyedog Coedpoeth.





1948 June 3     Alfred Vincent Evans       21 Ba         Baker                                       8 Victoria St Failsworth Manchester

Anne Powell                     23 Sp         Clerk                                       3 Haulfryn Terrace Adwy



1949 May 12  Norman Williams                    Ba        Insurance Agent                      Council Houses Llidiart Fanny

Dorothy May Taylor               Sp        Shop Assistant                        Adwy



1954 July 24   Dennis Jones                    22 Ba          Miner                                       15 Stansty Rd Rhosddu Wrexham

Elsie Griffiths                  21 Sp          Shop Assistant                        1 Haulfryn Llewelyn Rd Coedpoeth.



1958 Sept 10   Idwal Hughes                          Ba        Joiner

Hilda Hughes                   43 Sp          Office worker                          Ael y Bryn Penygelli  C Poeth



1959 Mar 5     H Marshall                       37 Ba

Dorothy Roberts               21 Sp         Store keeper                            17 Bryngwyn Coedpoeth                                     A E Roberts















Date of present entry












Date of pledge taken





23/2/1886 William Lester 56 Bryn Offa


23/2/1886 A J Pickering 33 Adwy


23/2/1886 Annie Jones 21 Adwy


23/2/1886 Alice Roden 24 Adwy


23/2/1886 M L Jones 16 Adwy


23/2/1886 Charles James Gibbons 50 Plas Maelor


23/2/1886 William Davies Coedpoeth


23/2/1886 Edward Roden 25 Adwy


23/2/1886 Agnes Davies 17 Adwy


23/2/1886 Albert William Ashford 22 Bron Offa


23/5/1905 Samuel Powell 51 Adwy


23/5/1905 Samuel Jones 59 14 Llewelyn Road


23/5/1905 John Powell 28 Llewelyn Road


Always teetotal
23/5/1905 Matthew Rance 31 1 Jago Row


23/5/1905 Robert William Powell 27 4 New Road Adwy


Always teetotal
23/5/1905 Thomas D Rance


23/5/1905 Edward Powell 22 4 New Road Adwy


23/5/1905 Thomas James Jones 17 14 Heol Llewelyn


23/5/1905 Mrs Eleanor Powell Wern Road


25/5/1905 Lizzie Thomas 22 Castle Terrace


28/5/1905 Henry Robinson 23 Maelor Stores


28/5/1905 George Roden 22 Adwy


28/5/1905 John E Rance 21 Pen Y Gelli


28/5/1905 Samuel Powell 17 2 New Road Adwy


28/5/1905 Eliza Gittins 25


28/5/1905 Emily Powell 25 4 New Road Adwy


28/5/1905 Samuel Griffiths 18 Heol Maelor


28/5/1905 Samuel Roberts 55 Adwy


28/5/1905 Margaret Thomas 53 Adwy


30/5/1905 Arthur Abram 24 Coedpoeth


30/5/1905 Mr A Jones


30/5/1905 Ann Powell Adwy


30/5/1905 Fanny M Rance Pen Y Gelli


30/5/1905 Mrs Elizabeth Rance


26/11/05 Letitia Roden 49 Adwy


26/11/1905 Edward Thomas 29 Adwy


26/11/1905 M A Roberts Adwy


14/11/1909 Robert R Jones Coedpoeth


14/11/1909 Margaret Ann Jones Coedpoeth
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