We are sure that advertising on Wrexham History website is one of the lowest, cost effective ways to advertise your company, business or service.

We have various price plans and options to suit your needs from only £1 per week.

Because we care about our visitors to the site we carefully select the quantity and type of adverts.

All price plans are for a minimum 52 week period paid in advance.

Take a look at the following plans that are available, if these don’t suit your needs or would like to discuss an alternative plan please email us at info@wrexham-history.com

Your advert can be a standalone advert or linked to your website page of your choice, we require your artwork as a Jpg image in landscape format. Others formats are available, please ask us.

Each advert will have a link to a website page of your choice or just open as an enlargement.

WH2015-001 52 weeks on a single page of your choice. (Excludes home page) only £52

WH2015-002 52 weeks on the footer only £68 (not currently available).

WH2015-003 52 weeks ALL pages & articles only £104

WH2015-004 52 weeks ALL pages & articles including footer with new advert each month only £156

We require full payment once your advert is live on the website.


1. Choose a plan to suit.

2. Email your design (business card can be used), plan number and link to your webpage.

3. You will be sent a PAYPAL invoice for the total amount due. (If you would like to use an alternative payment method, email us).

4. Following our notification that your advert is live on the site, please check for errors.

Any errors must be notified within 7 days of your advert going live.

You may request us to remove your advert at any time, no refund will be made if you choose to remove the advert.


You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days of the date it goes live. Refunds will be made within 14 days of removal of advert. At the end of your contract we will invite you to re-order your service. If you do not accept our offer we will then remove your advert.

Please note:

We will allow 1 change to your design during the contract period, unless you have chosen WH2015-004 plan. We reserve the right to refuse certain adverts on the website, if you have any doubt as to your advert being suitable please email us.