Photo Scanning

We scan your photo prints at 600dpi using a Brother MFC5890CN batch photo scanner and use colour correction to achieve the best image possible. Fragile or very small photos will be scanned using our Mustek  flatbed scanner. You will receive the images as Jpeg files on a DVD disk for transfer to your home computer. (Other formats are available).

We can scan mounted photos, although the price per photo is higher due to the increased time taken during the scanning process.

We can scan the photo prints into named folders, if you can indicate by batch sorting the prints with relevant folder names they can easily be scanned into folders this way. Further more if you have a preference on ordering please indicate where to start and finish on a certain batch/batches and the prints can be captured in your preferred order.


Up to A4 – 10p per print up to 499
Up to A4 – 9p per print between 500-999
Up to A4 – 8p per print 1000+
Up to A350p per print (please contact us to confirm size is suitable).

Contact us for a quote.

Slide and Negative Scanning

We can also scan your slides and negatives, need more info and a quote? Contact us.

Document Scanning

We can provide a bespoke scanning service tailored to your individual needs. We scan photos, slides, negatives and documents using professional grade scanners which provide beautiful detail and accurate colour reproduction.

With our A3 Hi-Res Scanner we can take your pictures and documents (up to A3 size) and scan in high resolution, with various file formats available.

A4 document scans, ready for archiving either to hard drive, DVD or CD format.


Need more info and a quote? Contact us.

Find Family Burial Site

Headstones provide one of the most personal links that we can have with our ancestors. Headstones mark the places where we can be physically closest to our ancestors. To the family historian, headstones and memorial inscriptions provide further details about their ancestor and their families. In many instances the headstone or memorial will include an epitaph that captures the essence of their ancestor life and their relationship with other family members. Some family historians find that it is not practical to locate, record, and photograph their ancestors headstones and memorial inscriptions, due to lack of time, or the distance they live from them.

We will attempt to locate your ancestors gravestones and memorial inscriptions, along with searches for relevant information. If we are successful in locating the burial site and headstone we will make a written record/transcribe, along with headstone and general location photographs. (Up to 10 photographs will be included).


Simple Look Up

Do you need a simple question answering or a copy of a photograph. We can do a simple look up of our archives for relevant images and info. From as little as £3.49


A deposit of 50% (min £16) of the estimated costs of the research plus the full cost of any disbursements (for example, birth, marriage, death certificates, costs involved in copying local history materials) will be required prior to the research commencing.

A final invoice will be forwarded with the completed research.  The invoice payment is due within 5 days of the invoice being dispatched to you.

If we embark on your research, we may find it necessary to request further funds to cover the cost incurred.

You have the right to cap the research fees, please inform us at the start.

Our research will start 5 days after your deposit has been received.


You have the right to cancel our agreement at any time up to 5 days from paying your deposit, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel our agreement after 5 days we reserve the right to retain part of the deposit to cover any costs incurred by us.