5 years of Wrexham History – Review of 2017

Graham & John would like to thank all the followers, subscribers and those who have submitted articles or shared pictures for your continued support. As we celebrate 5 years since Wrexham History was formed we take a look at 12 of the best from 2017.

January 2017

Natwest Bank

Timberland to Natwest Bank 1988

Natwest Bank Lord Street 1988. 33, Lord Street, Wrexham was previously a Tesco store then Timberland, in 1988 the Natwest Bank were to use the building and started to adapt the building for their needs.

February 2017

Guildhall Square, Chester Street, Wrexham 1905

Guildhall Square, Chester Street, Wrexham 1905

Guildhall Square, Chester Street, Wrexham 1905. The ivy covered building on the left was the Municipal Building, more commonly known as the Guildhall, at one time the building was a grammar school.

March 2017

Wrexham Parish Church


Burglary at Wrexham Parish Church 1865

On the 31st July 1865, Hugh Pater, broke into St. Giles, the Wrexham Parish Church. Pater having entered the church, took three keys, broke into a money box and stole the money that it contained.

April 2017


Havelock Square off Salop Road

Havelock Square was of poor quality housing, with the only access being via an alley from Salop Road. There were six houses in total, although by the 1911 Census more had been added.

May 2017

Penley People

Penley People – John Pijski Memories

John Pijski was born in Stanisław Górny, not far from Wadowice. He fought with gen. Anders’ Polish 2nd Corps (2nd. Warsaw Armoured Division) alongside the British 8th Army in Italy.

June 2017

Wrexham Cemetery

Polish Soldiers to whom the return to Poland was not given

In memory of the Polish Soldiers to whom the return to a free Poland was not given. Wrexham Cemetery. There are 40 Polish Forces Servicemen buried at Wrexham Cemetery.

July 2017

Union Brewery

Charles Bate and Son, The Union Brewery

The Union Brewery business was established in 1840, and the fact that it survived for many years in the same family is a strong indication of the lines on which it had been conducted.

August 2017

Island Green Brewey

Island Green Brewery

Founded in 1856, the Island Green Malthouse and Brewery, Wrexham, was a brick-built, double courtyard range with additions/alterations of 1890.

September 2017

Exclusive – Unpublished Hippodrome Pictures

A selection of Hippodrome pictures taken in October 1988 following conversion to two screens, previously unpublished, kindly donated by Alan Wilkinson.

October 2017

Hippodrome light to take pride of place at Wrexham’s Tŷ Pawb

Glamour of Hippodrome light will come to Tŷ Pawb A shining cinematic light from Wrexham’s past will take pride of place at a new arts, markets and community facility.

December 2017

The Wynnstay Turret

In the grounds of the Wynnstay estate lies a turret, it is uncertain where this may have come from but has been saved.


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