The Griffiths Family

At first glance you would think 6 people are buried in this grave, but in fact there are only 3. James Griffiths was born in Pentre Broughton on 30 March 1875, he was the son [more]


Alexander George DAVIES 1860-1896

“LORD THY WILL BE DONE”. Alexander George Davies was born in 1860 in Wrexham, he was the son of Edward Davies and Elizabeth Williams, his father was a joiner from Birkenhead and his mother was [more]


Wrexham Memories 1998-99

Selection of photographs from around town dating from 1998 – 1999. We found the negatives at the bottom of a box from Victoria School, Wrexham. Source: Victoria School Wrexham; Scanned by Graham Lloyd.

School Days

Staff of Victoria School, Wrexham

Selection of photographs of staff at Victoria school, Wrexham. If you can add names please use our contact form Source: Victoria School; G. Croft; Eryl Jones.


The Tale of Reynold’s Grave

There is a small triangle of land at a road junction in the Sontley area just outside Wrexham, it`s been known as Reynold`s Grave for years . The legend surrounding it is that a notorious [more]