Thomas REGAN 1853-1877 Abbot St, Wrexham

Thomas and Ann Regan and their son Michael were born in Ireland, by about 1853 they were in Wrexham where their daughter Hannah was born. In 1861 they were living in 13 Peirce’s Square, Pentrefelin, [more]


GRIFFITHS, JOHN c. 1842 – 1905

What is known about John Griffiths is that he was a tailor, who lived in Yorke Street, and that he married Jessie Clark in All Saints Church, Runcorn, on 17 September 1867. John was born [more]


Edwin LAMB 1850 – 1930

Ellen Morgan was born in Stokesay, Shropshire about 1846, she was the daughter of William Morgan a labourer and Hannah, and in 1851 she seems to have been the only child but did have a [more]


James PHOENIX 1815 – 1905

JAMES PHOENIX 1815 – 1905 MARY ANN PHOENIX 1819 – 1889 James was born 20 November 1815 at Gresford, he is thought to be the son of James Phoenix, a schoolmaster and Hannah Morris. In [more]


Alfred PHOENIX 1851 – 1925

ALFRED PHOENIX 1851 – 1925 MARY ANN PHOENIX 1848 -1944 Alfred Phoenix was born in Gresford in 1851 he was the son of James Phoenix who was from Gresford, his mother Mary Ann Owens was [more]


Rhos Darts League 1982

Rhos Darts League presentation in 1982. From left to right; 1. Peter Jones; 2. Brian Cole; 3. Colin Jones; 4. Del Jones 5. John Manley 6. Raymond Davies; 7. Colin Porter; 8. Mervyn Duckett; 9. [more]