Thomas & Ann Rowland

by Annette Edwards. Frances Stocker was born about 1790 in Marchwiel, she was the daughter of David Stocker and Margaret Evans. On 24 August 1815, the North Wales Gazette published an article about the Meeting [more] [more]


William TICKLE 1847 – 1897

WILLIAM TICKLE 1847 – 1897 ELIZABETH TICKLE 1851 – 1922 William Tickle was the son of James Tickle who was a glass maker in St Helens his mother was Alice Hill. When he was 14 [more] [more]



Samuel Dillow was born in 1815 in Glenfield, Derbyshire. He was the son of William Dillow and Rebecca Moore.  On 2 May 1836 he married Elizabeth Bourne at Bucknall cum Bagnall.  Elizabeth was born in [more] [more]


The GRAHAM Family

THE GRAHAM FAMILY Matthew Graham was born about 1834 in Scotland, and by 1871 he was living in New Ferry, Bebingon where he was working as a coachman. His wife was Helen Connell who also [more] [more]


Josiah HAGUE

JOSIAH HAGUE 1833 – 1904 CATHERINE HAGUE 1833 – 1901 Josiah Hague was born in Northop about 1883 his father Daniel was a lead miner and his mother was Elizabeth, in 1841 there were Josiah [more] [more]


Marchwiel Station

Marchwiel railway station was a station in Marchwiel, Wrexham. The station was opened on 2 November 1895 and closed on 10 September 1962. Preceding Station/Halt Following Station/Halt (coming soon) Back to Wrexham and Ellesmere Railway. [more]