War Casualties at Wrexham Cemetery

World War One BAGNALL, Thomas BOAK, George CLIEVE, James Francis COURTNEY, F CUEL, Alfred DAVIES, John DAVIES, Thomas Philip DAVIES-BIRD, Albert DAWSON, H. Harold DUNN, Robert Henry William EDWARDS, H EVANS, E FINDLAY, George GALLAGHER, [more] [more]

Coal Mining

Efel Inn, Trefonen

Location Trefonen (SJ259267)                                                                                                      History [from R D Thomas] This was once a popular inn for miners and was located on the junction of Bellan Lane and Treflach Lane in Trefonen. Chartermasters, with men working at [more]


Penley Polish Hospital 1964

Rare documentary footage of the Polish Hospital at Penley. A unique community which ran like a transposed village from Poland before the war . . . one of many movies of this remarkable place filmed [more]

Cefn War Memorial

Cefn War Memorial

Cefn War Memorial commemorates those local men and women who were killed in war. The memorial takes the form of a stone obelisk with slate tablets inscribed with gilt lettering and is located on Plaskynaston [more]