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ROC Monitoring Post Llangollen

ROC Llangollen The ROC at Llangollen opened in July 1958 and closed September 1991 after being stood down. It is in L shaped compound on hilltop overlooking Llangollen to the South, 100 yards North of [more]

ROC Brymbo

ROC Monitoring Post Brymbo

ROC Monitoring Post Brymbo Since its inception in 1925 as in integral part of the UK air defence system, the primary role of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was the recognition and identification of hostile [more]


Gas Masks during the second world war.

Gas Masks during the war. By September 1939 some 38 million gas masks had been given out, house to house, to families. They were never to be needed. Everyone in Britain was given a gas [more]


Christmas 1914 – A Gift to the Troops

Christmas 1914 – A Gift to the Troops A sepia coloured postcard portraying King George V and Queen Mary, with the inscription “With our best wishes for Christmas 1914. May God protect you and bring [more]

Churches & Chapels

St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Wrexham.

St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Regent Street, Wrexham. WREXHAM is the Episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Menevia which covers all Wales with the exception of Gwent (formerly Glamorgan and Monmouth). St. Mary’s in [more]

Victoria school 1927

Victoria school Wrexham in 1927

Victoria school 1927 Can you help put names to the faces? Victoria Scholl in 1927. Second row: 3rd from left is Tom Ellson Picture kindly supplied by Peter Ellson. More Victoria School pictures Victoria School [more]

Victoria School

Victoria School – Class 11A 1933

Victoria School CLASS 11A 1933 Victoria School, Wrexham. Back Row – Left to Right. ?, ?, Tony Wingett, Barbara Clutton, ?, Betty Harvey, ?, ?, ?, Colin McQuistin, Joan Jones, ?, ?, Middle Row (Boys [more]

Victoria School

Victoria School – Standard Ex VII 1925

Victoria School – Standard Ex VII 1925 Back Row (Standing) – Left to Right. Tudor Whalley, Stan Howells, Dave Rogers, Las Parsons, Vic Huxley. Front Row – Left to Right. Percy Rogers, George Clarke, Fred [more]

Llangollen & Rural


The Britannia Inn, Llangollen. The Britannia Inn was possibly built as early as the 13th century, although nothing now remains from this period. It could originally have provided extra accommodation for the monks from Valle [more]