Interior Walter Roberts store

Interior of Walter Roberts store 1924

The interior of Walter Roberts store on Hope Street, Wrexham. Taken in 1924 leaning against the counter on the right is Tommy Dougall, brother of Kathy Dougall. Source: Pic supplied by Geoff Wilding.

As it was!

Late Saxon (918 – 1066)

Late Saxon (918 – 1066) There is no agreed definition of early, middle and late Saxon. For this summary, we will treat late Saxon as starting with the death of Aethelflaed in 918. Her brother, [more]

Coal Mining

News 1909

Rhos – In the news January 1909

In the news January 1909. SINGULAR DEATH AT RHOS THE INQUEST. Mr LIewelyn Kenrick held an inquest at Bethlehem Chapel, Rhos, on Wednesday evening, touching the death of a young man 21 years, named Richard [more]


ROC Borras

ROC Borras – Group HQ No 17

ROC Borras – Group HQ No 17 ROC Borras opened in 1962 and closed 1992, it is located on Borras Park Road, Wrexham. OS Grid Ref: SJ358528 Borras was the Royal Observer Corps’ No.17 Group HQ, [more]




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