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Wrexham Football Ground 1977

Wrexham Football Ground in 1977 with NEWI (now Glyndwr) to the left. Source: Tom Farrell. Total Page Visits: 47975 - Today Page Visits: 118

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Historian Palmer’s Grave is Restored 1998

THE last resting place of Wrexham’s most eminent historian, has been restored thanks to the help of his admirers. Alfred Neobard Palmer, who arrived in Wrexham in 1880, was responsible for writing the definitive early [more]


Coedpoeth Carnival 1908

Please find attached a photograph in my 90 year old Mother’s possession which had come to her from her mother Edith May Davies (maiden name) born 1903. We do not believe the photo made up [more]


Beechley House, Wrexham

Beechley was built about 1720, and at that time it didn`t have a specific name but was it called Dursley`s / Darsley`s for many years   after a man who lived in the area for a [more]

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