Hightown Railway Halt

Hightown Railway Halt. Hightown Halt on the Wrexham to Ellesmere line, after passing the Caia Road Railway Sidings, the next stop was the Hightown Halt which was located just off the Whitegate Road in Hightown. [more]

Coal Mining

Llay Main

Llay Main Colliery

Llay Main Colliery was the last major mine to be sunk on the southern part of the North Wales Coalfield, Llay Main was completed in 1921, after sinking work had been postponed by the First [more]


As it was!

Wrexham’s Military Heritage.

Wrexham has historically been home to a major barracks known locally as the Hightown barracks, which was headquarters to the Royal Welch Fusiliers until it merged with the Royal Welsh as 1st Battalion in 2006 [more]


The Great War Trenches

The Great War Trenches. Trench warfare characterised much of the fighting during World War One, particularly along the Western Front. Trench systems were complicated with many interlinking lines of trenches. Apparently, during the First World [more]

ROC Overton

ROC Monitoring Post Overton

ROC Monitoring Post Overton Since its inception in 1925 as in integral part of the UK air defence system, the primary role of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was the recognition and identification of hostile [more]




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