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Penley People

Penley People – John Pijski Memories

21st May 2017 0

John Pijski was born in Stanisław Górny, not far from Wadowice. He fought with gen. Anders’ Polish 2nd Corps (2nd. Warsaw Armoured Division) alongside the British 8th Army in Italy. Later he served in Germany [more]

Palace Cinema, Broughton

Palace Cinema, Broughton

11th May 2017 0

Palace Cinema, Broughton. Opened on Monday 7th December 1936 with 443 Seats showing the film ‘Limelight’. British Sound and Projection equipment installed at the Palace were said to be ‘far superior to anything that they [more]

Bunkers Hill

Bunkers Hill, Bersham

11th May 2017 0

Bunkers Hill, Bersham. New Designs for Industrial Workers. Though many works proprietors were satisfied at first with the traditional forms of Welsh housing, in other parts of Britain new house types were being developed towards [more]

John Williams, Town Hill, Wrexham 1879

John Williams, Town Hill, Wrexham 1879

7th May 2017 0

John Williams, 7-8, Town Hill, Wrexham 1879 Wholesale and family wine and spirit merchants established 1808. The business was established in 1808 by the father of Thomas Williams of Liverpool, Thomas was the uncle of [more]

Gresford Colliery

Gresford Colliery, the last piece standing

7th May 2017 0

Gresford Colliery, the last piece standing. Gresford Colliery closed on economic grounds in November 1973. In the 1980s the site was redeveloped as an industrial estate. In 1982 a memorial to the victims of the [more]

As it was!

Rubery, Owen & Company, Whitegate, Wrexham

5th May 2017 2

Rubery, Owen & Company In the 1930s the Steel Equipment Department at the Darlaston factory under the management of Mr. W. Reeves, and Mr. W. Gwinnett (who later became Managing Director of Rubery Owen & [more]


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